29 10 2008

After some consideration and thoughts I have decided to re-open the site! I will be running it with a friend named “Legobucket” and possibly I might get someone named “Masterblock” too. Well mainly I will be keeping you up with recent News in roblox and Legobucket will hook you guys up with some reveiws and Masterblock could eiether be a reveiwer or interveiwer! So basicly thoughs are the jobs..

  Another thing we will be doing is “Weekly Awards”. Every Friday night around 5 PM eastern time I will post on the Weekly Awards page what I though was the best of the week. So I am keeping a eye out on places,shirts, and more..

   Contests I am not sure what I will do about.. Since the recent rule of no cash prizes for contests. The only possible thing I could do is give awards by having a awards section in one of my games with contests winners and plus your name posted on the website.

Thats about it that will be happening on the website. Check out the staff page weekly for opening in jobs on the website.. No current jobs yet on the 29th of October.