AllstarripHi I am allstarrip. My real name is Ryan though. I am 13 years old and I started playing roblox about 4 months ago. My job on this site is to find all current news and write guides and reveiws! I am good at making websites and haven’t made one in awhile so I thought why not make one!  Some of my hobbys are playing baseball,basketball, and I play PS2 some of the times.


Legobucket- Hi I am Evan or most of you know me as Legobucket, the newest member of the Roblox Instant team! My job here is to right reveiws for the site. I am also the owner of a company called “Legobucket paint”. Details about the company is at the bottom of the page. I love Roblox and some of my hobbies are playing Xbox360,Gears of war and rocking out to some famous song by Les paul. I am also teaching myself the song “One” by Metallica!



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