Test Server- November 15th…

16 11 2008

   They have opened the test server and we found a lot of updates that may possibly be coming to roblox.com soon!

   One of the updates had to do with the currency! They have added a currency exchange to the test server.  This is really cool because it a way to trade in tickets for robux easily. I tested it and if you do a 1 robux per 4 tickets trade then I found the trade gets done fast.

   Another is heads. In the change character spot they had a extra spot named heads and in the Catolog they had something saying heads..

   Lastly I found something that would be a cool feature on roblox. Advertising your place. You have to make a banner and get it approved by the moderators. It will eiether be above the roblox banner, Right side of page, or on someones  roblox page. I dont know if you are going to have to pay robux/tickets for a ad yet or what. They should make it like that so random users cant just upload one for a empty baseplate.

I dont know much about it yet but I will keep you informed when I get more information.. So check back for updates on this post!




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