Winter Playland CONTEST!

15 11 2008

Roblox has just released a new contest! It is a Winter contest. The main point of the whole contest is to make a game that is winter related. This quote below was taken from Roblox’s Developer Journal and tells some possibilities of games you can make…


“It could include some of the following possibilities…

  • A Turkey Dinner at Home
  • Skating pond
  • A snow fort
  • Ski lift
  • Ice sculptures
  • Sleds
  • A snowball fight
  • Gifts under trees
  • … and more! Be creative. “

Thoughs are not what you have to make as a place.. But they are some ideas to give you a idea of what you can make!

Your probably saying “What can we win…” 

 Everyone will get a hat as long as they have a winter playland place that has the letters “WPBC” in the title.. The hat is not yet released as of November 15th.

There is ALSO another prize that you can win… The hat “Ice Crown” and 200 robux. You will need to completly finish your Winter Playland place and get nominated by another user. But then after that you are gonna be judged!

Go to the link…  to nominate a user…

Thats about it for the contest.. Just make a winter place with WPBC in the title and then win try to win the prize! The contest will end at the end of DECEMBER! So you have a lot of time.




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15 11 2008

I am entering

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