October 30th Updates? What we found…

30 10 2008

Today we had some small updates around the site making it better. I have gathered up some of what I found important to tell you.

One update was making the pictures of characaters bigger on the comments. I think it looks a lot nicer now that you get a huge veiw of the character..

Also another one has to do with private messaging. When you send a message without a title then in the receivers inbox it will show up as [None] as the message title. It is good for me because I check messages and stuff on my iPod touch and I could not open a message that did not have a title.

   Also when when you click “People” in the navabar of the site then you will see a diffrence in the search. Its not a huge update but it is something that people notice when going there.

Lastly something free players will really notice is more ads.. If you have not noticed yet then go to anyones roblox page. Right below their blurb you will notice a ads. It is annoying and may cause more lag on the site due to the ads having to load up.

Those are just some that I noticed. If any more that seem important then feel free to send Allstarrip a message telling me about it.




One response

10 11 2008

hey that was helpful for me to cause i also ha an ipod touch and i cheak messages on it

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