~~~Roblox Arcade~~~- By NintendoZACHERY

18 08 2008

~~~Roblox Arcade~~~ *Updated*

Review By- Legobucket

Design-(9/10) Roblox Arcade has a great design, and tons of games to keep you occupied. Theres even a shop to spend your tickets! The thing is, I would like a more colorful landscape, other than bold blue. Maybe add windows, or posters.

Scripting-(8/10) The scripting done here is awesome! Each arcade game must’ve taken some tough scripting to get it done. The only problem, is how there are occasional glitches in which the machine won’t respond, but merely eats your tokens. However, a reset button fixes that right up!

Gameplay-(6/10) Well, you get what youe read in the title. Arcade games. I would attempt something more Chuck ‘E Cheese’s with tables, skiball, and food+bathrooms. And maybe basketball games. Not necessary, but after about 10 minutes, the game gets a little dull and repetitive.

Effort-(7/10) There definately was alot of effort put into this place. Ther layout is great and fun to run around, howver, it seems a little unfinished, and looks like all the effort was put into the games. Not much the scenery. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I seriously would like to see poster, wallpaper, or TVs.

Suggestions: I’d like more than just arcade games and a shop here, maybe some couches, TVs, Food counters, ad bathrooms.

Overall-(8/10) This place rocks, even with the minor bugs and lacking scenery. It’s a fun game, and I’d Reccomend it for parties!




3 responses

18 08 2008

This is a nice reveiw made. I have to aggree with everything said here.

18 08 2008

Yea… Its not exactly complete.
And to tell the truth, I can’t tell how most of my stuff breaks. I asume Noob overdose.

19 08 2008

It did seem a bit unfinished.

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