Military Force Vs. Zombies-By CoolBoyAZN

14 08 2008

Military Force Vs. Zombies Update

Reveiw Made by-LegoBucket

Military Force Vs. Zombies has some unique environments. There are many outposts and bases to give you cover, and the fence for the base is also a nice touch.
The problem is how little cover you’d have, should you adventure out into the zombie “fields”. There is nothing in sight except zombies outside the base.

Scripting-(6/10) There doesnt seem to be any scripting done here except for the zombies, turrets, and guns, which were very likely to be found under free models. Other than that, theres no regen for the map, and it seems that every script came in a free model.

Gameplay-(6/10) The only thing unique here, is the zombies outfits. So it’s just your basic zombie fighting game. Nothing new. There is a lot of “jumpy” lag, even with only four player.
It’s fun shooting the zombies, but the lag ruins the at the same time.

Effort- (5/10) There wasn’t much effort in this map, and it seems unfinished. There clearly wasn’t much effort put into reducing lag either, and infecting zombies aren’t much fun.
Half the models seem to be free, but the army base seems to be unique, and I doubt something that unique would be under Free Models,
So there WAS effort, just not enough.

Suggestions I would suggest less lag. And I think that re-modeling using your own models would be the best improvement overall.

OverallI’d give this Military Force Vs. Zombies Update
a 6/10. It’s not bad, in fact, it’s good for killing time, just not great.





7 responses

14 08 2008

Hi, your site is pretty cool.
I came here expecting a noob site, and see a well put together blog.
If I could, could I be an editor? I can go on alot of games and review them ^^.

14 08 2008
police4000 from roblox

sweet site dude

14 08 2008

Umm, could you please edit or reply to my comment? I want to know if I can be an editor on this site.

14 08 2008

Mistress, What do you mean by editor? Do you want to edit reveiws and check for right grammer,etc?

15 08 2008


15 08 2008

And occasionly right my own review, perhaps for unpopular games, but ones that deserve to be popular?

17 08 2008

Please. No off topic posts.

Reserve this for the forums.

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