Olympic Rings Given Out!

13 08 2008

Well the contest has ended already on August 11th. But today on August 12th the rings are finally being passed out! But there has been a change on how the rings are being passed out! They are being passed out on how many favorites your place has got. All details on that are below this picture. But just be patient if you didn’t get your rings yet. It may take several hours because the administrators have a lot of rings to pass out.


Winners of most veiws and favorites have not been released yet. But we will work to find it out quickly

“Oh noez! my hats isn’t here yet!” Ya we know. It is causing much lag on Roblox.com so they wont be delivered till LATER TONIGHT

Red Rings- You must have over 100 Favorites
Blue Rings- You must have over 20 favorites
Yellow Rings- Must have over 5 Favorites
Green Rings- Passed out to everyone who participated and had a legal place

Black Rings- Passed out to the 11 winners of the video contest

Olympics 2008 Video Winners!

Yozy, Cobrastrike4, Maax1996, Piecrust, Arisshah, Twisteddemo, Bmoreboy, Canary4life, Gaomon94, Sheeppie, and MarioMario54321




3 responses

13 08 2008

😦 I dont have Golden Ring and I Have 6 faves. Please 😦 I NEEDZ IT

13 08 2008

Well if you got the faves while the contest was on then you will get them sometime tonight. But if you got them before the contest then you don’t get the prize.

25 08 2008

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