Gladiator Arena Minigames

13 08 2008

Gladiator Arena Minigames Reveiw! (By Stealth Pilot)

Design-(9/10) Well after playing for awhile I have noticed how good of a design the whole place has. I mean it is nicely built stadium. But I think they might still of the glitch in the corners where you can sneak in the stadium. The building just fits perfectly with everything. The sky matches it and looks nice like a bad storm is about the roll in.

Scripting(10/10)- Well the scripts work perfectly! I havent got any errors in the scripts yet. I get teleported every time to the arena unless I use the spectating script. But my only suggestions for scripts would be a reset button. Sometimes I am in a corner and I get flung somehow way out of the stadium and it takes awhile for me to drop down. But when it teleports me to the game when I am flying I drop down bad and die. So a reset button would be perfect for the game!

Gameplay-(9/10) I have played this many times and it is my favorite game all time right now. I like all the games in it. They are all fun especialy brick battle deathmatch. I am the best at the deathmatch since I am very good with guns. Same as Drawing bridges. I could spend hours straight playing this game. But the one I dont think is very fun at all is Manic Moonwalk. I can never jump high enough to get the orbs. If I do I fall in the lava after.

Effort- There was alot of effort put into this game I tell. With all the working scripts and how the design was made. This must have taking over weeks to make. There isn’t really any glitches in the scripts or nothing. When I first played it I thought for sure that it would be full of glitches. But I found that there was really only one in the wall.

Suggestions- My only suggestions would be maybe keep adding more minigames. It attracts more people to play with more minigames. Also remove the glitch in the wall where you could get in the arena when just watching the battle.





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26 09 2008

How To Make Minigames?!?!

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