Create A House

12 08 2008


This is the very first contest on Roblox Instant and I thought we could just start it off with a easy building contest. Well I thought of a really easy one and even less experienced roblox players could do this.

Ok first off to join the contest make a username that starts off with Ri and ends with your real username. So mine would be “Riallstarrrip” or Mikeds would be “RImiked”. Then Message “Allstarrip” with the username and your in!


-No using anything from free models but maybe some furniture.

– Only one contest entry

Contest End- August 23

The Prize- 600 Tickets and Your Username and link to your roblox page on Frontpage!

-(600 tickets are for builders club members)

– I know the prize is low but its the first contest.

Enjoy and start building!




4 responses

18 08 2008

Hey! 600 tix to builder’s club only? That’s so unfair! Some of us don’t have the money to pay for this game, so now you’re excluding us?! All participants should be eligible to win the 600 tix. And you’re supposed to make a house? Just a plain old house, right? Can we use 1 free model for, say, a manison? Tell me quickly plz, I want to enter.

18 08 2008

Anyone can win it. But you need to be in builders club to get it because they need to make a shirt worth 600 tickets. But they need builders club to make a shirt for sale.

But the house must be made by yourself. No using it from free models!

19 08 2008

OK, well, can’t you donate? Isn’t there some kind of donate option?

2 11 2008

awwww im in builders club but my roblox wont work do to graphics failure.

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