Roblox Live WEBSHOW!

17 11 2008

I have decided to make a live webshow of my playing! It could give you tips on how to make stuff or on how to do stuff. It may show me playing some of my games or playing other peoples games. So basicly you can watch Alstarrip live doing what he does on roblox. Times of the show are listed below.

Every Monday 5 PM eastern time

Every Friday 5 PM Eastern time

I will also be on randomly on other days… But just look out for that. As of this post at 4:10 Pm EST time I am on. So come veiw me now!



Test Server- November 15th…

16 11 2008

   They have opened the test server and we found a lot of updates that may possibly be coming to soon!

   One of the updates had to do with the currency! They have added a currency exchange to the test server.  This is really cool because it a way to trade in tickets for robux easily. I tested it and if you do a 1 robux per 4 tickets trade then I found the trade gets done fast.

   Another is heads. In the change character spot they had a extra spot named heads and in the Catolog they had something saying heads..

   Lastly I found something that would be a cool feature on roblox. Advertising your place. You have to make a banner and get it approved by the moderators. It will eiether be above the roblox banner, Right side of page, or on someones  roblox page. I dont know if you are going to have to pay robux/tickets for a ad yet or what. They should make it like that so random users cant just upload one for a empty baseplate.

I dont know much about it yet but I will keep you informed when I get more information.. So check back for updates on this post!

Winter Playland CONTEST!

15 11 2008

Roblox has just released a new contest! It is a Winter contest. The main point of the whole contest is to make a game that is winter related. This quote below was taken from Roblox’s Developer Journal and tells some possibilities of games you can make…


“It could include some of the following possibilities…

  • A Turkey Dinner at Home
  • Skating pond
  • A snow fort
  • Ski lift
  • Ice sculptures
  • Sleds
  • A snowball fight
  • Gifts under trees
  • … and more! Be creative. “

Thoughs are not what you have to make as a place.. But they are some ideas to give you a idea of what you can make!

Your probably saying “What can we win…” 

 Everyone will get a hat as long as they have a winter playland place that has the letters “WPBC” in the title.. The hat is not yet released as of November 15th.

There is ALSO another prize that you can win… The hat “Ice Crown” and 200 robux. You will need to completly finish your Winter Playland place and get nominated by another user. But then after that you are gonna be judged!

Go to the link…  to nominate a user…

Thats about it for the contest.. Just make a winter place with WPBC in the title and then win try to win the prize! The contest will end at the end of DECEMBER! So you have a lot of time.

“Darkseed the Fallen” Halloween hat!

31 10 2008

Today Roblox introduced its newest hat up for sale! The “Darkseed”. It went up for sale at the price of 100,000 tickets. To me I think it has nothing wrong with the price. It is ment to be a rare hat that little people have a chance to get. I got it because it would be nice to have and only around 25 people got it. If I am correct it should only be upsale for the day of October 31st since it is a holiday hat.


Darkseed the Fallen

October 30th Updates? What we found…

30 10 2008

Today we had some small updates around the site making it better. I have gathered up some of what I found important to tell you.

One update was making the pictures of characaters bigger on the comments. I think it looks a lot nicer now that you get a huge veiw of the character..

Also another one has to do with private messaging. When you send a message without a title then in the receivers inbox it will show up as [None] as the message title. It is good for me because I check messages and stuff on my iPod touch and I could not open a message that did not have a title.

   Also when when you click “People” in the navabar of the site then you will see a diffrence in the search. Its not a huge update but it is something that people notice when going there.

Lastly something free players will really notice is more ads.. If you have not noticed yet then go to anyones roblox page. Right below their blurb you will notice a ads. It is annoying and may cause more lag on the site due to the ads having to load up.

Those are just some that I noticed. If any more that seem important then feel free to send Allstarrip a message telling me about it.


29 10 2008

After some consideration and thoughts I have decided to re-open the site! I will be running it with a friend named “Legobucket” and possibly I might get someone named “Masterblock” too. Well mainly I will be keeping you up with recent News in roblox and Legobucket will hook you guys up with some reveiws and Masterblock could eiether be a reveiwer or interveiwer! So basicly thoughs are the jobs..

  Another thing we will be doing is “Weekly Awards”. Every Friday night around 5 PM eastern time I will post on the Weekly Awards page what I though was the best of the week. So I am keeping a eye out on places,shirts, and more..

   Contests I am not sure what I will do about.. Since the recent rule of no cash prizes for contests. The only possible thing I could do is give awards by having a awards section in one of my games with contests winners and plus your name posted on the website.

Thats about it that will be happening on the website. Check out the staff page weekly for opening in jobs on the website.. No current jobs yet on the 29th of October.

~~~Roblox Arcade~~~- By NintendoZACHERY

18 08 2008

~~~Roblox Arcade~~~ *Updated*

Review By- Legobucket

Design-(9/10) Roblox Arcade has a great design, and tons of games to keep you occupied. Theres even a shop to spend your tickets! The thing is, I would like a more colorful landscape, other than bold blue. Maybe add windows, or posters.

Scripting-(8/10) The scripting done here is awesome! Each arcade game must’ve taken some tough scripting to get it done. The only problem, is how there are occasional glitches in which the machine won’t respond, but merely eats your tokens. However, a reset button fixes that right up!

Gameplay-(6/10) Well, you get what youe read in the title. Arcade games. I would attempt something more Chuck ‘E Cheese’s with tables, skiball, and food+bathrooms. And maybe basketball games. Not necessary, but after about 10 minutes, the game gets a little dull and repetitive.

Effort-(7/10) There definately was alot of effort put into this place. Ther layout is great and fun to run around, howver, it seems a little unfinished, and looks like all the effort was put into the games. Not much the scenery. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I seriously would like to see poster, wallpaper, or TVs.

Suggestions: I’d like more than just arcade games and a shop here, maybe some couches, TVs, Food counters, ad bathrooms.

Overall-(8/10) This place rocks, even with the minor bugs and lacking scenery. It’s a fun game, and I’d Reccomend it for parties!